changing perception
           creating options
The more extraordinary the things,
The greater the need of it being
Supported by strong proofs.

Pierre Simon Laplace, 1749 - 1827
French mathematician
Build a superior value proposition

To build a strong business case and attractive offer to customers, it is useful to remember that there is a difference in perception between what the seller thinks he is selling and what the clients thinks he is buying.

For the adoption of a new technology we typically target the 2 smaller segments of the market which are 1.) innovators and 2.) early adopters (see graph). Despite the greater openess towards innovations from those 2 segments, a sucessful
value proposition needs to fullfill 5 criteria:

idea is intuitive
compatible to current thinking
easy to understand
low hurdle to test
observable results
Our effort will lead to a quantified and fact-based argumentation to visualize the customer value and to minimize risks from the client side.